Florida PIRG Applauds Governor Crist for Veto on Double Rent Bill

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Brad Ashwell

Florida PIRG

Last night, Governor Crist vetoed HB 1277, a bill that would have allowed landlords to impose harsh new penalty fees on renters who break their leases.

Statement from Brad Ashwell, Consumer Advocate for Florida PIRG:

“Governor Crist has stood up for renters statewide and showed that he cares about those who don’t have the deep pockets to hire the best lobbyists money can buy.  This bill was the poster child for everything wrong about the legislative process.  Big money, buys big lobbyists, who have big access and consumers get the big shaft. 
This anti-consumer legislation was designed solely to benefit landlords, while excessively penalizing tenants.  We salute the governor for standing up for consumers.”