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PIRG joins consumer advocates in launching campaign for fair hospital pricing

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Consumers for Fair Hospital Pricing
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Today, PIRG advocates celebrated the launch the Consumers for Fair Hospital Pricing Coalition, a group of health care and consumer advocates from across the nation. The goal of the coalition is to improve hospital price transparency and press for policies that end unfair medical billing and prevent anti-competitive practices that drive up prices for health care. 

Rising hospital costs are hurting American families. 

“Health care prices don’t have to be — and shouldn’t be — so high. That’s why we’re pressing for a sustainable health care payment system that values high quality and better outcomes,” said PIRG President Faye Park.  “Our newly-formed coalition is committed to building consensus around achievable changes in how hospitals charge for care, so patients aren’t so adversely affected by anti-competitive practices and the increased consolidation in health care markets.”

Our coalition announced our primary objectives in a joint press release.  

  • End price gouging by hospitals and large hospital systems,
  • Fix market failures, including efforts to address consolidation and its effects on prices, and
  • Increase and strengthen price and quality data transparency.
Patricia Kelmar speaking in front of a Families USA banner
Patricia Kelmar, PIRG's Senior Director of Health Care Campaigns, speaking at the Consumers for Fair Hospital Pricing Coalition Launch. Maribeth Guarino | TPIN
Congressman Frank Pallone speaking in front of Families USA banner on a low stage
Congressman Frank Pallone (NJ-06) speaks on hospital pricing issues. Maribeth Guarino | TPIN
Adam Fox speaking in front of Families USA banner
Adam Fox, a consumer advocate from Colorado, shares his perspective on high health care prices. Patricia Kelmar | TPIN
Katie Van Deynze speaking in front of a Families USA banner
Katie Van Deynze, a consumer advocate from California, shares her state's experience with high health care prices. Patricia Kelmar | TPIN

A lack of transparency and unfair billing practices are key drivers of health care costs. Together, we can work to fix these issues and protect patients from sky-high medical bills. Among one of our first initiatives is to pass the Lower Prices, More Transparency Act being considered by the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Maribeth Guarino

Former High Value Health Care, Advocate, U.S. PIRG Education Fund

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