Cleaning up our air by shifting to electric lawn equipment

All you need to know about gas lawn equipment pollution and cleaner electric lawn mowers in Colorado

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Gas-powered lawn and garden equipment is surprisingly polluting

Lawn mowers and leaf blowers may be small, but gas-powered lawn care machines like these produce a shocking amount of harmful pollution — and noise. For more details and an interactive tool to see how much emissions this equipment produces in your area, read our report, Lawn Care Goes Electric.

How to find discounts, rebates and tax credits for electric lawn equipment

Thanks to a new law that went into effect on Jan. 1, 2024, Coloradans can save money and cut air pollution at the same time by enjoying a 30% discount on cleaner, quieter electric lawn mowers, leaf blowers, trimmers and snow blowers at participating retailers statewide. Use our tip guide to find out where to get the new discount, plus additional rebates and incentives you may be eligible to receive.

Eight different models of electric lawn mowers sitting on a green lawn.
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Stories from electric lawn care companies in Colorado

Up and down Colorado’s Front Range, electric lawn care companies are showing that these tools are not only cleaner and quieter than their gas-powered counterparts, but can get the job done.

Do I really need to mow my lawn?

You may be wondering whether you really need to mow your lawn and blow leaves around – or whether you even need a lawn at all. You can start to rethink your relationship with your yard here.


Kirsten Schatz

Clean Air Advocate, CoPIRG Foundation

Kirsten joined CoPIRG's staff in 2022 and is focused on fighting for clean air for Coloradans and transforming transportation systems. Previously, she oversaw The Public Interest Network's efforts to engage alumni/former employees and volunteers in the network's work, specializing in communications and organizing events in dozens of cities. Kirsten lives in the Denver area with her husband and two children, where she is an avid hiker, biker, church choir member and gardener.