Beyond plastic

Help move beyond plastic

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Goal: $30,000

We have a plastic pollution crisis on our hands.

Every single year, the United States generates an unbelievable 35 million tons of plastic waste. We’re the world’s single biggest plastic polluter.

That’s why PIRG is working to ban the worst single-use plastics, to get corporations to stop making so much plastic in the first place, and to hold plastic producers accountable for the waste their products are designed to become.

We have a decades-long track record of getting the job done. With the help of supporters like you, here’s how we’re already turning the tide on the plastic waste crisis:

  • After PIRG and our national coalition sent 137,000 petition signatures to Amazon, it announced plans to phase out padded plastic shipping envelopes in favor of recyclable alternatives.
  • One in three Americans now live in a state with a ban on at least one of the worst kinds of single-use plastics— including here in Connecticut, where we have bans on single-use plastic carryout bags and limitations on plastic straws.
  • We delivered over 80,000 petitions to Costco — and now the company has committed to initial steps to cut its plastic packaging waste.

But we need to do more if we’re going to move beyond plastic, and we’re up against intense opposition. Our work is fueled by grassroots support — we don’t take a penny from corporations.

Give the gift of a plastic-free world to future generations by donating today to fuel our work to move Connecticut beyond plastic.