ConnPIRG Supports Ratepayer Consumer Protection Bill

There is a hearing today for a ConnPIRG supported bill that would provide important consumer protections on electric bills.

Evan Preston

Today, the Energy and Technology committee is holding a public hearing for Senate Bill 2, a ConnPIRG backed bill that would provide important consumer protections on electric bills.

By now it is well documented how some electric suppliers lure customers with teaser rates only to significantly raise rates later, roll fixed rate agreements over into variable rate agreements, and charge excessively high termination fees. The need for reform is clear. 

A January 16th consumer advisory  from the Office of Consumer Council and Attorney General announced that 10 electric suppliers were charging at least some customers rates higher than 17 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh), compared to the standard offer of around 9 cents per kWh. A Hartford Courant article  the following day further reported that tens of thousands of Connecticut ratepayers pay well above the standard offer. 

ConnPIRG is submitteing testimony in support of the bill and making recomendations including :

  • The committee consider not only what information Senate Bill 2 requires disclosed on monthly bills, but also how that information is presented. Information should be prominent, easy to understand, and written in plain language.
  • Consumers should be able to see their rate in comparison to the standard rate, contract terms, any change or impending change of terms, impending auto-renewals, and any cancellation fees.  
  • These rules should apply equally to printed and online bills.

If you would like to submit comments in favor of the bill you can email: et.testimony [at]


Evan Preston

staff | TPIN

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