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Cooking with gas is like having a smoker in your kitchen

The new study from Stanford University and PSE Healthy Energy used data from California and Colorado.

Ivan Radic | CC-BY-2.0

Does cooking with a gas stove create air pollution in my kitchen?

The answer is yes according to a new study out from Stanford University and the PSE Healthy Energy that was published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

And it’s not just your kitchen. According to the study, using a single burner or the oven for 45 minutes created benzene concentrations in kitchens comparable to secondhand smoke. That smoke can then permeate through your home and linger for hours after use.

Animation from new study on gas stoves by Stanford Woods Institute for the EnvironmentPhoto by Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment | Public Domain

Here’s an animation where you can learn more about the study.

This is yet another study that highlights the dangers of cooking with gas. Unfortunately, our report in December found too many retailers are failing to warn people when they are shopping for stoves.

How do I switch from a gas stove to a cleaner one?

The good news is electric and induction stoves can outperform gas stoves. And there are federal tax rebates that can cut the cost by $840 when you make the switch. Learn more here.


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