CoPIRG Applauds City of Denver’s Transparency Efforts

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Statement by Danny Katz, CoPIRG Director, on the City of Denver’s new Transparent Denver

“CoPIRG applauds the City of Denver for continuing to enhance and improve the transparency of government spending and services.

City governments should publicly disclose government information about spending on an easily accessible, comprehensive website that includes contracts and tax subsidies in order to promote fiscal responsibility, bolster public confidence, and check corruption. To ensure cities were using the best practices possible, CoPIRG Foundation released an analysis in January that compared Denver to the largest cities transparency practices. Overall, Denver received a “B.”

In July, Denver rolled out a new initiative, Transparent Denver. 

This makes Denver one of the top cities when it comes to spending transparency. As technology improves and expectations rise, we hope Denver will keep improving, such as doing more to disclose information about economic development subsidies.”