Colorado adopts Clean Cars rule to expand electric vehicle options

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DENVER – Today, Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) voted to approve the  Colorado Clean Cars rule, which will direct vehicle manufacturers to make and sell more electric vehicles starting with model year 2027.  

Public health advocate Alex Simon released the following statement:

The Colorado Clean Cars rule is a major win for public health and consumer choice here in Colorado. Not only will it help our state accelerate the transition to a cleaner, healthier transportation system, but it will expand electric vehicle options for Colorado consumers in future years.

This important vote makes Colorado the eighth state to adopt California’s regulation, and first in the Rocky Mountain region to adopt the latest clean cars rule, and residents are now poised to have lots of options among EVs in future years.  

With air quality in many parts of Colorado failing to meet clean air standards, quickly transitioning to electric vehicles is a key strategy in reducing emissions and improving air quality. 

The savings for EV drivers can be significant. A recent analysis by the Energy Policy Institute found that compared to gas vehicles, charging an EV in Colorado saved residents $28 per fill up in a sedan and $36 per fill up in an SUV

For the average American, that translates to savings of about $700 per year in fuel, with additional savings through lower maintenance.  

By adopting this rule, consumers in Colorado are guaranteed access to the best electric vehicles on the market moving forward. Those vehicles are not only cheaper to drive, but are better for our air quality and better for the environment.”