A future beyond plastic: we can live more sustainably and create less waste

The plastic waste crisis is out of control, but with the help of supporters like you, we can make a difference in the months ahead.

Beyond plastic

PickPik | Public Domain

Take Action

The United States throws away more plastic than any other country in the world.

From the time you woke up this morning until the time you go to bed tonight, our country will  throw away enough plastic to fill the Dallas Cowboys stadium — the country’s largest football stadium — to the brim.

It’s time we step up and lead the way on reducing plastic waste and keeping our communities and environment free of pollution.

Our vision of a zero-waste future

We have a vision for our country – one that doesn’t involve throwing away thousands of tons of plastic each day.

We see a future with a zero-waste economy, in which we consume less, our products are built to last and are easy to reuse and repair, and all materials are reused, recycled and composted in a continuous cycle. [[C3_NAME]] and our national network are taking on the research, public education and campaigning to get us there.

Where does our plastic end-up?

The facts are scary. Our excessive plastic use pollutes our communities, bloats landfills, and can break down into microplastic pieces that end up in our water or even our food.

More than 91% of plastic ends up in a landfill, incinerator, or our environment, where it pollutes our air and water.

This plastic is destined to outlive us all.

Together, we can help turn the tide on plastic

There’s a bright side to this story though: Thousands of people like you care more about our planet and our health than they do about the convenience of wasteful single-use plastic.

We have the tools to create a better world, and we know how to do it. With your help, we can move away from plastic and toward a sustainable future.

Support our work to curb plastic pollution with a tax-deductible gift to our End of Year Drive today.