Right To Repair

CALPIRG welcomes Assemblymember Holden to the Pasadena Repair Café

Tinkerers, sewers and other fixers offer free repair services to folks across Los Angeles

From left to right: Nikki Winslow from Altadena Libraries, CALPIRG's Sander Kushen, Assemblymember Chris Holden and a volunteer at the Pasadena Repair Café

On a sunny Saturday morning, CALPIRG Advocate Sander Kushen joined state Assemblymember Chris Holden (D-Pasadena) at the Altadena Library for a Pasadena Repair Café. During the Repair Café, members of the public brought in their broken electronics, appliances, lamps, jewelry, toys, bikes and more to be fixed free of charge.

Both CALPIRG and Repair Café Pasadena are supporters of the Right to Repair Act, a bill that would allow individuals and independent repair shops to access necessary tools, parts, and manuals needed for electronic repairs. More repair options would also result in much less electronic waste, which is now the fastest growing waste stream in the world.

“It’s great to witness the magic of repair, and events like these show why we need to protect people’s ability to fix their things,” said Kushen. “When people are given the choice, they choose repair.”

Sander Kushen

Former Consumer Advocate, CALPIRG

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