CALPIRG’s 2019 Legislative Scorecard

CALPIRG's 2019 scorecard grades our state elected officials on their votes on a selection of the biggest public interest bills that moved forward in 2019.


2019 in Review

Dear supporter, 

In this past year, CALPIRG worked with the Legislature to pass laws that will protect consumers, preserve the environment, safeguard public health, assure a fair and sustainable economy, and foster a more responsive government. We made important progress on some issues, but fell short on others. My team and I have put this scorecard together so you can know how your legislators voted in the public interest.

One of the victories I am particularly proud of is the passage of AB 824, a law that will prohibit “pay-for-delay” deals between namebrand and generic drug companies, so more of us can get access to the generic version of the medicines we need faster. We also helped pass SB 72, which makes it possible for Californians to register to vote on Election Day at every polling site in our state, and AB 539, to ban certain predatory lending practices.

But at times, our legislators fell short of some big priorities—including failing to pass the groundbreaking Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act, which would help us move our state beyond the single-use plastic items that we use for just a few minutes, but pollute our planet for decades.

I’m proud of what we have been able to accomplish in 2019, but our legislators can and should do more to address these pressing problems that impact our daily lives. CALPIRG staff do research, public education, organizing, and advocacy to deliver tangible results that benefit all Californians. With the help and support of our members, we’ll keep pushing for change in 2020.


Emily Rusch
Executive Director


Legislation scored

Beyond Plastic

SB 54 (Allen): Would require companies to reduce plastic waste from packaging and single-use food ware by 75 percent by 2030—Pending in the Assembly.

AB 1080 (Gonzalez): Would require companies to reduce plastic waste from packaging and single-use food ware by 75 percent by 2030—Pending in the Senate.

Transform Transportation

SB 127 (Wiener): Would have required CalTrans to accommodate more bicyclists and pedestrians on certain streets—Vetoed by Gov. Newsom.

Zero Out Toxics

SB 574 (Leyva): Would give consumers the right to know about toxic chemicals in the fragrance and flavor of cosmetics and personal care products—Pending in the Assembly.

SB 647 (Mitchell): Reduces the allowable levels of toxic lead and cadmium in jewelry sold in California—Signed into law.

Democracy for the People

SB 72 (Umberg): Expands Election Day voter registration to every polling site in the state—Signed into law.

SB 47 (Allen): Requires initiative, referendum and recall signature-gatherers to show voters the top three funders for the initiative—Signed into law.

Consumer Watchdog

AB 824 (Wood): Prohibits “pay-for-delay” deals between name-brand and generic prescription drug companies that reduces consumer access to cheaper generic medicines—Signed into law.

AB 1611 (Chiu): Would help protect patients from surprise, out-of-network hospital emergency room bills—Pending in the Assembly.

AB 539 (Limón): Prohibits certain predatory lending practices by capping interest rates on loans between $2,500 to $10,000—Signed into law.

AB 376 (Stone): The Student Borrower Bill of Rights would give borrowers more rights and tools to be treated fairly by student loan servicing companies—Pending in the Assembly.

AB 1130 (Levine): Strengthens California’s identity theft protections by requiring companies to notify consumers if biometric and/or government-issued ID numbers are part of a data breach—Signed into law.



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