Statement: Bill creates nation’s most stringent lead leaching limit for faucets

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Sander Kushen

Former Consumer Advocate, CALPIRG

New legislation would reduce our exposure to lead in drinking water


SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The California State Senate voted Tuesday in favor of Assembly Bill 100, which bans the manufacture and sale in California of water faucets and fixtures that leach excess lead. The bill, which will now head to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk, restricts the amount of lead seeping from faucets and fixtures to no more than 1 microgram, ensuring that faucets and fixtures in California are practically lead-free. 

Lead is a highly toxic metal that’s especially dangerous for children — impairing how they learn, grow, and behave. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is no safe level of lead exposure in water for children.

Despite that, “endpoint devices” such as faucets  have been allowed to leach high amounts of lead. AB 100 will assure Californians that faucets on the market dispense as little lead as possible and sets the nation’s highest standard. 

In response, Jenn Engstrom, CALPIRG’s state director, released the following statement:

“Lead in our drinking water is dangerous for our communities, especially children, and we need to do everything we can to get the lead out.  

Ending lead exposure, especially in our state’s schools and childcare centers, is critical to protect our kids’ health. As parents send their children back to school amid a pandemic, they have enough safety concerns on their mind. They should not have to also worry about contaminated drinking water. 

Thanks to the California State Legislature and leadership from Assemblymember Chris Holden, parents, schools, and childcare centers can now rest assured that as they update their plumbing to address lead contamination, the faucets and fixtures they buy will actually solve the problem.”