Los Angeles Moves Ahead to Get Money Out of Politics


Los Angeles, CA – L.A. City Council voted to move ahead with an initiative for the May ballot that would allow voters to weigh-in on the unlimited campaign spending that is a result of the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision.

“Everywhere that citizens have had the opportunity to weigh-in they have voted overwhelmingly to close the floodgates of unlimited political contributions,” said Austin Price, Field Director with CALPIRG.

The motion,  introduced by Councilmember Richard Alarcon, will instruct legislators to work towards a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United and to set limits on campaign contributions.  Representatives and citizen members from CALPIRG and Common Cause were on hand today to support the motion.

 “It is great that City Council is working to give the citizens of Los Angeles the same an opportunity to reclaim our democracy” said Austin Price. 

Similar resolutions have all passed with more that 70% support in states like Montana and Colorado and municipalities including San Francisco and Chicago.

“Today’s action demonstrates that the L.A. City Council understands the seriousness of this issue and is willing to let voters speak out about it directly,” said Derek Cressman, Director of the Campaign to Overturn Citizens United with Common Cause. “Voter instruction ballot measures have historically played a very significant role in bringing about constitutional amendments,” he added.

The motion, which passed with a 13-1 vote will now go to the County Attorney to draft model ballot language before coming back to the council for a final vote.

“Corporations are not people, and should not be allowed to spend unlimited dollars to support candidates and influence political campaigns,” said Councilmember Alarcon.  “This ballot initiative gives the residents of Los Angeles the opportunity to send a loud message to the President, Congress and our Federal elected officials that the people of Los Angeles want constitutional reform and support overturning the egregious Citizens United decision.”


CALPIRG, the California Public Interest Research Group, is a non-profit, non-partisan, public advocacy group.  For more information visit www.calpirg.org

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