CALPIRG Statement on The Overturn Citizens United Act

Media Contacts
Emily Rusch

Vice President and Senior Director of State Offices, The Public Interest Network


Big money is too often calling the shots in our elections. The numbers say it all: in state after state, better-funded candidates are trouncing candidates without the same access to mega-donor support. When the odds are stacked in favor of big-money candidates, many qualified individuals are also discouraged from running in the first place. Our public servants shouldn’t have to cater to special interests and wealthy donors for support –– they should focus their campaigns on the everyday Americans they want to represent.

We are thrilled that California voters will be able to go on record this fall and formally instruct our representatives to overturn Citizens United and get big money out of politics. Extremely wealthy and corporate donors have far too much influence over who is able to run for office and win. Unfortunately, some of our elected officials have yet to support an amendment to get big money out of politics. This voter instruction measure is the next step on the path to reform.”

Earlier today, U.S.PIRG Education Fund released an analysis of the Congressional primary winners by their fundraising receipts. You can read that analysis here.

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