Bill to Ban Certain Gifts to Legislators Approved by State Senate

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SB 1426 bans gifts like sporting even seats and concert tickets from lobbyist employers to legislators.


Sacramento, CA—A bill to prohibit interests who hire lobbyists in Sacramento from giving certain gifts to legislators cleared the State Senate this morning. Over the past decade legislators have received more than $4 million in gifts.

“To the public, these gifts just look bad,” said Pedro Morillas CALPIRG legislative director. “ They only serve to fuel the public’s perception that it takes money and gifts to get what you want out of a politician.”

“The Senate should be applauded for recognizing the public concern these gifts create,” added Morillas.

List of prohibited gifts:
–    Theme park or amusement park tickets
–    Professional sporting event tickets
–    College or amateur sporting event tickets that cost more than $25
–    Theater, concert or other entertainment ticket that cost more than $25
–    Racetrack tickets
–    Spa treatments or other beauty or cosmetic services
–    Golf, skiing, hunting or fishing, or other recreational or vacations
–    Gift cards

This list was compiled from common gifts legislators reported in their FPPC filings.

“The public is right to raise an eyebrow at these gifts,” said Morillas. “Who wouldn’t wonder how a legislator is going to fix the budget during a round of golf, or end the foreclosure crisis from a Lady Gaga concert?”

This is the halfway mark for this bill. The next stop is the Assembly Elections and Redistricting committee.