Advocates Call on Congress to Cut Wasteful Subsidies, Not Public Priorities

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Sacramento, CA – Instead of dealing with wasteful subsidies and tax loopholes for special interests, the House passed a spending resolution that makes deep cuts to important public priorities.

“Tough choices are supposed come only after the easy ones,” said Pedro Morillas CALPIRG Consumer Advocate. “It’s difficult to imagine how cuts to Pell Grants, food safety, and clean drinking water come before subsidies to BP and advertising for fast food and clothing. And yet, that’s exactly what the House resolution does.”

CALPIRG report, Toward Common Ground: Bridging the Political Divide to Reduce Federal Spending, identified $600 billion in spending reductions over 5 years that have support across the political spectrum. The spending reductions detailed in the report amount to more than the reductions called for in the House passed resolution.

“The waste identified in the Common Ground report should be low-hanging fruit,” Morillas said. “Rather than playing a partisan game of brinkmanship in the Senate, why not start where we might find some agreement?”


CALPIRG is a nonpartisan, nonprofit citizens-based advocacy group that stands up to powerful interests on behalf of all Californians.