100 Small Farms in California Call for an End to Wasteful Subsidies in Farm Bill

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Austin Price

Emily Rusch

Vice President and Senior Director of State Offices, The Public Interest Network


Dear member of Congress,

Over the past 15 years, America has spent more than $260 billion on agricultural subsidies. A number of these subsidies were created during the Great Depression to provide emergency aid to small family farmers. Unfortunately, in the decades that followed, many of these programs have lost their way.

Today, most of these subsidies do not help struggling family farmers, but instead, flow to large operations that should not need taxpayer support to thrive. Today 74 percent of agricultural subsidies go to just 4 percent of all farmers – including some of the largest operations in the country.

Moreover, billions of dollars of subsidies help grow crops that either are not used for human consumption or produce unhealthy food. Since 1995, $16.9 billion in taxpayer subsidies directly went to the production of junk food additives such as high fructose corn syrup. To put this last fact in proper context, only $262 million was spent subsidizing apple production during the same time period. Given our country’s obesity epidemic, this should be especially alarming.

There are better ways to spend our tax dollars. As Congress considers reauthorizing the Farm Bill, we respectfully request your support for ending both the direct-payment and the crop insurance programs, and for creating clear, strong criteria to ensure that agricultural subsidies are spent in ways that best promote the public interest.




1.     Miguel Loueiro, Fair Hills Farms,  Paso Robles

2.     John Temerelli, Temerilli Fruit, Acton

3.     Bernard Ranches, Riverside

4.     Circle C Ranch, Culver City 

5.     Lu Thao Farm, Fresno

6.     Julian H Pehrce, Soledad Goats, Mohave

7.     Rancho de Trinidad, Pine

8.     T & D Farms, Cuccine Valley

9.     Kevin Yasutomi, Yasutomi Farms, Whittier

10. Lael Byrd, Marray Family Farms, Bakersfield

11. Christopher Schubert, Rancho La Vina, Blue Uton

12. J. Davis, Fallbrook Farms, Fallbrook

13. Rocky Montenegro, Anna’s Farm, Fillmoro

14. Carlsbad Aquafarm, Carlsbad

15. Carey, Living Lettuce Farms, Bell

16. Tay Vauguan, Tutti Frutti Farms, Culver City

17. George Yemetz, Yemetz Family Farms

18. Karla Alvarado, Forbidden Fruit Orchards, Lompoc

19. Javier Gonzalez, Martinez Apiaries, Baldwin Park

20. Miguel Vaderas, Arnett Farms, Fresno

21. Peter Lee, MB Farms, Palos Verdes

22. Sebastian Bariani, Bariani Olive Oil, Zamora

23. Casamira Sanchez, Twin Girls Farm, Yetten

24. Lee James, Tierra Vegetables, Miguel

25. Dan Janaic, Heirloom Organics, Hollister

26. James Brown, All Star Organic, Wood Acre

27. Apolinar Yerena, Yerena Farms, Barbara Way

28. Leo Gonzalex, Sun Rise Farm, Orosc

29. Eddie Chavez, EGB Farms, Ripon

30. Sally Jean Loenardini, North Ridge Farm, Salinas

31. Rachel Cadman, New Natives, Santa Cruz

32. Kris Decker, Serendipity Farms, Monterey

33. Aurora Yasmine Wilson, Greenhearts Family Farm, San Francisco

34. Lori Perry, Blue Heron Farms, Corralitos

35. Trini Campbell, Rivergdog Farm, Guinda

36. Sunny Shin, Solano Mushroom, Vacaville

37. Kristyn Leach, Namu Farm, Oakland

38. Jim Talbot, Happy Quail Farms, Whitehorn

39. Charles Gattonelli, Gattonelli, Coveleo

40. Bob Berstein, Pomo Tieria, Yorkville

41. Elizabeth Sorenson, Triple Delight Blueberries, Carutners

42. Efren Avalos, Avolos Organic Farm, Hollister

43. Bryce Loewen, Blossom Bluff Orchards, Parlier

44. Didar S. Khaisa, Guru Ran Das Orchards, Esparto

45. Gary Alfieri, G.L. Alfieri Farms, Pow

46. Kristie Knoll, Knoll Farms, Brentwood

47. Joxin Carvon, Sierra Cascados Blueberry Farm, Watsonville

48. John Garrone, Farwest Fungi, Brentwood

49. Al Courchesne, Frog Hallow Farm, Lodi

50. Curt Lucero, Lucero Organic Farms, Lodi

51. Mike Ward, Feeding Crane Farms, Sacramento

52. Ebed Cruz, Sunshine Farms, Sacramento

53. John Smit, Smit Orchards, Linden

54. Luis Miranda, Wholeness Farms, Lodi

55. David Taho, Thao Farm, Sacramento

56. Ruthanne Hajoda, Shared Abundance Organic Farm, Auburn

57. Time Pedrozo, Pedrozo Dairy and Cheese Co., Orland

58. Gene Salk, Salle Orchards, Wheatland

59. Charles French, DeCamilla French Olive Orchard, Glenn City

60. Michael Wong, Living Nature Farm, Clarksburg

61. Patrick Hoover, Patrick’s Garden, Camio

62. Phil Carter, Fruit Tree, Winters

63. David Medina, Barbagelata Farms, San Joaquin

64. Susan Hanks, Hanks Hens & All Good Things, Rio Linda

65. Tim B., Mehl Berry Farms, Watsonville

66. Mellows Nursery and Farms, Sunnnyvale

67. Marsha Habib, Oya Organics, Hollister

68. E Rodriquez, Rodriguez Ranch, Watsonville

69. Michael Herrera, Fruit Barn, San Francisco

70. Celine Cohen, Groundswell

71. Robby Hamra, Foghie Farm

72. Jackie Williams, Thomas Farm, Aptos

73. Robin Gammons, Four Sisters Farm, Aromas

74. Danny Lazarini, Happy Boy Farm, Soquel

75. Genelle Treaster, All Things Wild, Wilton

76. Marion Bogdanich, Bogdanich Farms, Patterson

77. Michael Wong, Loving Nature Farm, Clarksburg

78. Michael Mogdanich, Sunblest Orchards, Patterson

79. Charles French, Dicamitla Level Olive Orchard

80. Judy Low, Molino Creek Farm, Davenport

81. Vasquez Farm, Moss Landing

82. Ronald Donkervoot, Windmill Farm, Moss Landing

83. Cavanaugh Color, Watsonville

84. Molly Davenport, Lonely Mountain Farms, Santa Cruz

85. Wyoung Farmer, Pao Wish Yang Farm, San Francisco

86. Chong’s Farm, Fresno

87. G Calvillo, Calvillo Brothers Organics, Watsonville

88. Bao Lor, Bao Lor Produce, Fresno

89. Jose Gonzalez, Bay Fresh Produce, Castroville

90. Roberto Diaz, Jocelines Wildflower Honey, San Jose

91. Donald Sturman, Yummy Tummy Farms, San Jose

92. Hector Ramos, Rancho Chico Inc., Vista

93. Darrin Hopkins, Hopkins Ag, Coronado

94. Valdivia Farms, Carlsbad

95. Juan Martinez, Heritage Family Farms, Escondido

96. Rose Cottage Farms, National

97. OMR Farms, Little Rock

98. G. Gama Farms, Arvin

99. Lily Venegas, Creek Roses, Vista

100Mindy Swanson, Wild Willows Farm, San Diego