In The Capitol: Getting Money Out Of Politics

SB 1426 (Blakeslee)—Bans specified gifts from lobbyist employers to legislators.

SB 1426 (Blakeslee)—Bans specified gifts from lobbyist employers to legislators.


California’s campaign finance laws place a limit of $10 on gifts from lobbyists to legislators. However, the limit on gifts from the interests that employ lobbyists is $420.

The $420 limit creates at least two problems for the public. Practically speaking, many members of the public, just don’t have that kind of money to spend on a gift to a legislator. Sporting events, rounds of golf and spa treatments offer a means for access to elected officials that is not available to all members of the public because of the price tag. Secondly, these kinds of gifts fuel the public’s perception that money is required to get what you want out of the legislature.


SB 1426 bans lobbyist employers from giving elected officials the following types of gifts: theme park tickets, professional sporting event tickets, certain amateur sporting event tickets valued at more than $25, theater/concert tickets, racetrack tickets, spa treatments, golf, skiing or fishing trips, and gift cards.

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