Right to repair

Tell Microsoft to extend free support for Windows 10

trazika | Pixabay.com

Dear Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella,

When free support for Windows 10 ends in 2025, as many as 400 million perfectly good computers that can’t upgrade to Windows 11 will be thrown out. This could be the single biggest jump in junked computers ever, and make it impossible for Microsoft to hit their sustainability goals.

The end of free Windows 10 support is a bad deal for both users and the planet. About 40% of PCs currently in use can’t upgrade to Windows 11, even if users want to. That means when Microsoft stops providing security updates for Windows 10, those computers will either be insecure and unsafe to keep using, or else turn into junk and get thrown out. Less than a quarter of electronic waste is recycled, so most of those computers will end up in landfills.

Electronic waste is already the fastest growing part of the U.S. municipal waste stream. I strongly urge you to automatically extend support for Windows 10 free of charge to prevent millions of computers from becoming junk.


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