From Deceit to Transformation

How Wisconsin Can Leverage Volkswagen Settlement Funds to Accelerate Progress to a Clean Transportation System

Volkswagen (VW) perpetuated a fraud on the American people, deceiving consumers into believing that they were getting the best possible combination of performance and sustainability. But VW’s promises were nothing more than lies that significantly harmed our collective health and the health of our environment. Yet, their deceit now represents a historic opportunity to drastically reduce harmful pollution that makes us sick and destroys the planet, while also providing an essential down payment toward the transition to a clean and modern 21st century transportation system.


WISPIRG Foundation

Our new report recommends that $63.5 from the Volkswagen (VW) settlement headed to Wisconsin be used to install electric vehicle fast charging stations along the state’s highways and to purchase all-electric transit buses to replace aging, dirty diesel buses. 
This amount of investment could purchase up to 190 fast charging stations to electrify 81 percent of the state highway network, while also acquiring 67 all-electric, zero-emissions buses. Doing so would reduce dangerous pollution and save consumers and transit systems money, all while accelerating further market transformation to an all-electric transportation system.