WISPIRG Statement on Nomination of Craig Thompson to WISDOT Secretary

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Governor-elect Tony Evers this morning nominated Craig Thompson, executive director of the roadbuilding and transportation infrastructure advocacy group TDA, to run the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. WISPIRG Director Peter Skopec issued the following statement in response to Gov.-elect Evers’ announcement:

“We congratulate Craig Thompson on his appointment to lead WISDOT and look forward to working with his department.

“Wisconsin needs a transportation system that is clean, efficient and effective – and above all, uses our tax dollars responsibly. Young Wisconsinites’ transportation habits are changing, our local roads and transit systems are in urgent need of investment, and our misplaced focus on building bigger and wider highways has saddled us with staggering debt.

“Outgoing Gov. Scott Walker was right to say that Wisconsin ought to rethink its focus on adding highway lanes. We hope that Gov. Evers and Sec. Thompson build on Gov. Walker’s recent record. We will continue to push for smart investments in 21st century transportation – from public transit to electric vehicles to more pedestrian-friendly and bike-friendly communities – that make our state a better place to live. And we’ll continue to oppose wasting taxpayer dollars on outdated infrastructure that doesn’t serve Wisconsinites or our long-term needs.”


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