Peter Skopec to lawmakers: More public transportation, fewer wasteful highways

Driving a car shouldn't be the only way to get around in Wisconsin.

Driving a car shouldn’t be the only way to get around in Wisconsin.

That’s what WISPIRG State Director Peter Skopec told state lawmakers, legislative staff and advocates at a transportation roundtable in the Capitol on Aug. 21. At the meeting, Peter reported on WISPIRG’s coalition working to promote a 21st century transportation system for Wisconsin.

“To best serve Wisconsinites, and to protect public health and our environment, we must continue to forge ahead with clean, accessible transportation options,” said Peter in a July 3 news release applauding transit provisions in Wisconsin’s biennial budget.

In order to cut highway waste and reduce air pollution, we need more options such as expanded bus access, bike paths and electric vehicle charging stations, all of which promise more positive benefits than expanded highway projects that merely attract more traffic.

WISPIRG and our partners are continuing to push for a cleaner transportation system that works for all Wisconsinites.

Photo: WISPIRG State Director Peter Skopec speaks at the Transforming Transportation in the Midwest Strategy Summit, August 9-10, 2018. Credit: Stefan Klapko Photo