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Washington considers updating residential building codes to build safer, healthier and climate-friendly homes

This month, the Washington State Building Code Council (SBCC) is considering a proposal to update our state residential building codes to allow us to build homes that are safer, healthier and better for our climate. If approved, the proposed updates will require heat pump space- and water-heating in new single-family homes, townhomes and low-rise multi-family buildings, and require better ventilation in kitchens with gas stoves.

Earlier this year, Washington passed the nation’s strongest and most climate-friendly building codes for commercial and multi-family buildings, requiring all-electric space and water heating in new construction. If approved, the proposed codes will also make Washington the first state to require heat pumps in new residential construction in 2023 and beyond.

The proposal comes at a critical time, as Washington faced yet another record-breaking summer with heat waves and wildfires. Tackling our fossil fuel combustion in the building sector and transitioning to clean power is crucial to fighting climate change and its effects.

We need to show the SBCC that Washingtonians support updating our residential building codes. Submit a public comment to the SBCC today to urge them to pass strong, climate-friendly residential building codes.

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