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The Fair Repair Act passes Washington House of Representatives

The Fair Repair Act passed through the full Washington House of Representatives for the first time on Saturday.

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WashPIRG Zero Waste Associate with Fair Repair Act Sponsor Rep. Mia Gregerson

After a lengthy debate Saturday, the Washington State House of Representatives passed the Fair Repair Act (HB 1392) by a vote of 58-38. The bill, sponsored by Representative Mia Gregerson, would require manufacturers to provide consumers and independent repair shops with the parts, tools, and information necessary to fix electronic devices. The legislation aims to make device repair more accessible and affordable and reduce the e-waste generated when consumers have to throw out fixable devices.

Representative Gregerson and other supporters successfully defended the bill against numerous weakening amendments during Saturday’s floor session, passing a Right to Repair policy out of the House for the first time, delivering a big win for the Right to Repair movement.

The bill will now head to the Senate, where it will have until March 29 to pass out of its policy committee. You can read our statement on the Fair Repair Act’s passage here.

Let us fix our stuff

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Let us fix our stuff

We should give every consumer and every small business access to the parts, tools, and service information they need to repair products by passing Right to Repair reforms.


Dax Tate
Dax Tate

Former Zero Waste Campaign Associate, WashPIRG

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