Beyond plastic

America's plastic problem has gotten way out of hand.

Most of us diligently recycle, take reusable bags with us when we shop, and look for new ways to stop using so much single use plastic “stuff”. Our individual actions are necessary, but won’t be enough. The good news is that the momentum to move beyond plastic is growing. More states, communities and businesses are getting rid of plastic bags, foam containers and other plastic “stuff” we can live without. 

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In 2015, Americans landfilled or incinerated over 50 million tons of compostable waste. That is enough to fill a line of fully-loaded 18-wheelers, stretching from New York City to Los Angeles ten times.

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Increasing compost can quickly and efficiently decrease methane emissions in landfills and restore soil health.

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Five tips to avoid single-use plastic at your July 4th cookout

Beyond plastic

Five tips to avoid single-use plastic at your July 4th cookout

Fourth of July is just around the corner, and while bringing family and friends together to enjoy the sunshine, eating burgers, dogs and veggies fresh off the grill and watching the fireworks display can be a lot of fun, cleaning up lots of plastic waste at the end of the night just isn't.

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