New Guide Helps Consumers Get Great Deals on Refurbished Electronics

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WashPIRG Foundation releases holiday guide to buying repaired or refurbished electronics with confidence they will last

WashPIRG Foundation

Seattle – This holiday season, consumers can pay even less than they would on Black Friday for electronics, if they buy them used and refurbished. Fixed for the Holidays, a new consumer guide from WashPIRG Foundation, helps consumers purchase used items with confidence — detailing what to buy, how to recognize a good deal and where to shop.

“Not only can you save 20 percent or more by shopping refurbished, buying used products is better for the environment and cuts waste,” added Elise Orlick, WashPIRG Foundation Director. “It’s a win-win for the person getting the electronics and his or her community.”

The Fixed for the Holidays guide has information including:

  • Four tips on what makes a good refurbished gift

  • The risks you might encounter in buying used products

  • Where to shop for refurbished electronics

  • How to know if you are getting a good price

  • How to get your money back if there are issues

WashPIRG partnered with InterConnection, a local nonprofit that refurbishes used electronics, to release the report. InterConnection’s mission is to bridge the digital divide by providing high-quality electronics to non-profits and low-income communities, which they do through technology grants and their resale store. The store offers reduced prices for non-profit organizations and low-income customers.

Refurbished electronics are only an option when people have the tools and knowledge to repair used products. WashPIRG Foundation’s sister 501(c)(4), WashPIRG, supports “Right to Repair” reforms to require manufacturers to give consumers and third parties access to the parts and information necessary to fix our electronics. Last year, a version of this legislation passed out of the Washington House Committee on Technology and Economic Development by a large bipartisan majority. Rep. Morris (40th District) is expected to introduce this legislation again in the 2019 session.

“Repair cuts costs for consumers and cuts down on the electronics headed for the scrap heap,” added Orlick. “Buying refurbished is a great way to support the right to repair.”


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