World Car Free Day serves as a reminder of the benefits of walking, biking and transit

Green Lane Project via Flickr | Public Domain

Thousands of lives are cut short every year by transportation pollution, and even more are lost to traffic accidents on our roads. And vehicle emissions are now our country’s No. 1 source of climate-changing carbon pollution. For our health, our safety and our future, we need to transform our transportation systems.

Making it easier for more people to walk, bike and take public transportation would reduce greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change and various public health issues, while also saving money for many Americans. This year auto loan debt has reached an all time high of $1.43 Trillion making it clear that our current transportation system (one that often requires individuals to own their own car) is broken. 

Thursday, September 22 is this year’s Worldwide Car Free Day. It serves as a reminder that we already know how to create the changes that we hope to see. Investing in public transportation and active mobility infrastructure provide alternative forms of transportation giving individuals the opportunity to choose to rely less on their personal vehicle or even to not have a car at all. To learn more about the benefits of reorganizing our transportation system visit Reimagining Walking Distance.

Ryan Giunta

Former Transform Transportation, Associate, PIRG


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