Why cancelling the I-25 expansion in favor of greener transit options is the right call

Over $100 million is set to be invested in new forms of transit and safety improvements

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By driving less, we can help people live more, reducing pollution and increasing the livability and safety of our streets.

On Sept. 15, the Colorado Department of Transportation put the brakes on plans to expand I-25 through Denver, as well as a second widening project along C-470 in southeast metro Denver.

Instead, the state will invest over $100 million in regional bus-rapid transit and street safety and connectivity along the I-25 corridor. Here’s why this is good news:

Less pollution: “When you add more highway lanes, you end up with more cars and more pollution,” explains CoPIRG Foundation Executive Director Danny Katz. “Colorado needs cleaner travel options like fast, reliable bus service and safer, people-friendly streets.”

Better health: “I know too many of my friends and family who suffer from asthma or other health ailments,” said Evon Lopez, a resident of Valverde, a neighborhood adjacent to I-25.  “I applaud CDOT for listening to our concerns about I-25 expansion.”

A safer climate: Transportation is Colorado’s single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why a recently passed state law mandates lower greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector.

The I-25 expansion was going to be included in the 7th annual Highway Boondoggles report. We’re glad that our advocacy, along with that of the people and groups in our coalition, resulted in a better outcome for Colorado.





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