Right To Repair

Weber and Harley-Davidson slapped with lawsuits for violating Right to Repair

FTC crackdowns on Right to Repair violations lead to lawsuits

Several class action lawsuits issued over the past two weeks allege Harley-Davidson and Weber have violated federal law by tying the validity of their warranties to the exclusive use of authorized parts and dealers for repairs. Earlier this month, the FTC issued complaints to a variety of companies, including Westinghouse, the generator producer, in addition to the motorcycle and grill manufacturing giants. 

When something breaks, we should be able to fix it. The complaints state that warranty violations based on restricting independent repair or use of third party parts violate federal law, and the manufacturers will face fines of more than $46,000 per violation going forward. As a result of this coverage and stated enforcement, instigated in part by PIRG’s communication with the FTC, two out of three of the manufacturing giants have already been sued by consumers.

Sam Reinert

Former Federal Legislative Advocate, The Public Interest Network

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