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We Oppose draconian “REINS Act”

Us PIRG and Environment America have  have joined other leading groups in the Coalition for Sensible Safeguards to oppose the  so-called REINS Act or pejoratively “Regulations from the Executive In Need of Scrutiny.”

The New York Times says “A Little-Noticed Part of G.O.P. Bill Could ‘Make It Impossible to Regulate:”’

The legislation would require Congress to approve each of those actions before they go into effect, under a fast-tracked legislative process that would force up-or-down votes on the rules without any possibility of amendment.

As our letter explains:

The REINS Act represents one of the most radical threats in generations to our government’s ability to protect the public from harm. The bill’s clear aim is to halt the implementation of critical new public health and safety safeguards, financial reforms, and worker protections – making industry even less accountable to the public. It would do nothing to improve protections for the American public, but instead would benefit only those corporations that wish to game the system and evade safety standards.

A House floor vote is expected today or tomorrow.

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