Vote Yes on Denver initiative 307 – Denver Deserves Sidewalks

CoPIRG endorses the Denver Deserves Sidewalks initiative 307, which is on the November 2022 ballot.

Denver Deserves Sidewalks Campaign Committee | Used by permission

CoPIRG is calling on Denver voters to vote yes on initiative 307 and support the construction and maintenance of a complete sidewalk network.

According to the Denver Deserves Sidewalks campaign, pedestrians in Denver are 30 times more likely to die in a crash, compared to people driving or riding in a car. With 40% of Denver streets missing sidewalks, and many more in a level of disrepair that makes it hard to push a stroller or wheelchair, too many people feel unsafe walking in their neighborhoods or to their destinations. That leads to more driving, which means more pollution and less safer streets.

Currently, property owners are responsible for building and maintaining the sidewalks on their property, which can lead to individuals paying thousands of dollars. However, the city has begun to put a limited amount of money into a sidewalk fund. At current levels it will take 400 years to complete our sidewalk network.

We don’t expect people to maintain the streets in front of their house – that’s the city’s responsibility. Sidewalks should be the responsibility of the city too and we should ensure Denver has enough money to ensure we have a complete sidewalk network in the next 10 years not 400 years.

Initiative 307 will require the city to take over the responsibility of sidewalks from property owners and, with a new property fee, fund the construction and maintenance of our sidewalks.

The fee varies – here’s a factsheet to determine the cost for different properties in Denver.

Everyone is a pedestrian at some point during the day. Better sidewalks make it easier for people to walk places rather than take a car, reducing air pollution and allowing people to drive less and live more.

Vote yes on initiative 307 and safe sidewalks across Denver.


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