Right To Repair

FTC announces Right-to-Repair action against Weber

The Federal Trade Commission announced its third repair-related enforcement action in recent weeks, this time targeting the well-known grill maker Weber to clean up its compliance with warranty law. 

The Commission says Weber “through its written warranty, conditions warranty coverage for its gas and electric grill products on the use of genuine Weber parts.” As our report “Warranties in the Void” points out, this is a violation of federal warranty law. 

“This is the FTC’s third right-to-repair lawsuit in as many weeks,” said Samuel Levine, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection in the agency’s statement. “Companies that use their warranties to illegally restrict consumers’ right to repair should fix them now.”

Tell the FTC: Stand up for Right to Repair

Right to repair

Tell the FTC: Stand up for Right to Repair

It's harder than it should be to fix our stuff. Manufacturers of every electronic product from toasters to tractors create barriers that stymie repair from owners or independent repair businesses. It's fueling a rise in electronic waste, the loss of independent repair businesses -- and ultimately more cost and more waste for consumers.

FTC: I support Right to Repair

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