Stop The Overuse Of Antibiotics

Consumers, medical professionals, and ranchers urge McDonald’s to reduce antibiotic use in its beef supply

As shareholders gathered for McDonald’s annual meeting Thursday, consumers, medical professionals and ranchers sent CEO Chris Kempczinski a clear message–it’s time to fulfill the company’s 2018 commitment to set targets for reducing antibiotic use in its beef supply chain. 

The company’s original deadline for setting the antibiotic reduction targets–by the end of 2020–has long since passed. McDonald’s announced recently that it has finished pilot projects meant to gather relevant information on antibiotic use and inform future plans. That’s welcome news, but it doesn’t change the fact that the company continues to stall in setting concrete targets for reducing the use of medically important antibiotics in its massive global beef supply chain. 

That’s why nearly 10,000 consumers sent a petition alongside letters from top medical professionals and ranchers urging McDonald’s to move faster in setting strong reduction targets that will help keep our life-saving medicines effective for when sick people and sick animals truly need them. 

View the medical professionals’ letter here

View the ranchers’ letter here

Matt Wellington

Former Director, Public Health Campaigns, PIRG

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