Right To Repair

Advocates stall effort to undermine medical Right to Repair

Along with leaders from health networks with a combined 253 hospitals, 11 independent service organizations and three biomedical professional societies, U.S. PIRG was able to help stall a manufacturer-backed amendment to the Medical Device User Fees Amendment (MDUFA), a must-pass piece of legislation, on Wednesday. The bill, H.R. 7253 introduced by Rep. Scott Peters (CA), would have instituted a broad definition of “remanufacturing” that could regulate some hospital biomedical depts and independent service organizations (ISOs) out of existence, harming patient safety and healthcare costs in the process.


House Energy & Commerce Chair Frank Pallone explains that changing the definition of remanufacturing is too controversial to include in a consensus bill.

Tell the FTC: Stand up for Right to Repair

Right to repair

Tell the FTC: Stand up for Right to Repair

It's harder than it should be to fix our stuff. Manufacturers of every electronic product from toasters to tractors create barriers that stymie repair from owners or independent repair businesses. It's fueling a rise in electronic waste, the loss of independent repair businesses -- and ultimately more cost and more waste for consumers.

FTC: I support Right to Repair

PIRG Right to Repair Campaign Director speaks at a podium in front of a National Farmers Union backdrop.
Kevin O'Reilly

Former Director, Campaign for the Right to Repair, PIRG

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