U.S. PIRG urges new Congress to pass repair laws

Consumer advocates met new members of Congress last week.

U.S. PIRG advocates headed to the Hill on January 3rd to meet many of the 70+ new members of Congress and urge them to pass right to repair laws and other consumer priorities.

When something breaks, you fix it. That’s just common sense. But manufacturers of everything from phones to appliances to tractors intentionally make things difficult to repair. The result is surging repair costs and a massive amount of waste.

Many bipartisan repair bills were introduced from 2021-2022. This Congress, we’re working to get them over the finish line, with help from new and seasoned lawmakers including Rep. Gluesenkamp Perez of Washington, an auto repair shop owner committed to winning the right to repair.

Join our team as a Right to Repair Advocate.

U.S. PIRG also educated new members of Congress about problems facing today’s consumers, including high prescription drug costs, unsafe products, harmful “big data” practices, unfair credit reporting and predatory lending.

Beyond passing bills, members of Congress can help consumers save energy, save money and reduce pollution in their homes and the environment by promoting new tax incentives for electric vehicles, rooftop solar, heat pumps, electric water heaters and home appliances, and more.


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