Make It Toxic-Free

U.S. PIRG Cosmetic Clean-out: Day 3

Toxic threats

This year, the Make It Toxic-Free campaign has 3 resolutions for safer cosmetics:

1. Comprehensive ingredient disclosure

2. Elimination of toxic ingredients in cosmetics

3. Switching to safer alternatives

But until policy-makers and cosmetic companies take action, we will keep providing you with the resources and knowledge to shop safe. 


This New Year’s we want you to join us for our Cosmetic Clean-Out Week. For the week of January 11th-15th, each day we will post a quick, easy action you can take to learn more about clean cosmetics and making you and your family’s daily routine a little bit safer. These actions are quick, easy, and fun!


Day 3: Look through your kids’ personal care products for the ingredient “fragrance.”

Download our handy checklist to help you make sure you’re not forgetting any products!

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