Texas student action for our climate

TexPIRG Students at UT Austin spent this semester educating the campus about clean energy funding available through the Inflation Reduction Act

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TexPIRG Students educated over 3,500 students, family members, and community members on tax credits for clean energy made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

TexPIRG was founded by college students like me back in 1972 at UT Austin. I’m so pleased that more than fifty years later, students are still at it, working for a better world. I wanted to share some photos and updates on TexPIRG Campus Action’s work this semester tackling the climate crisis.

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The students gathered over 1,000 signatures on a petition and tagged our federal officials in over 80 social media posts to urge our representatives to prioritize climate action now.
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TexPIRG Students teamed up with UT's Campus Environmental Center to tour the La Loma Community Solar Farm
The students met with congressional offices to oppose attacks on the IRA.

That’s just what they did on climate. They also worked to make textbooks more affordable, reduce hunger and homelessness, and register students to vote. That’s action for a change!

Ted Siff

Co-founder, Board Member


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