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State’s ozone plan heads to the AQCC for review

Between Sept. 15 and early December, the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission will be soliciting public feedback as it reviews the state's plan to bring down ozone pollution on the Front Range.

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Haze visible over downtown Denver as seen from Red Rocks.

On Sept. 15, the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) officially kicked off their process of reviewing the ozone State Implementation Plan (SIP) to meet the EPA air quality standards for the Denver Metro/North Front Range nonattainment area.

The Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) created the plan and approved it on August 5, 2022 before sending it off to the AQCC. The region has been out of attainment for ozone pollution for years and previous SIPs have failed to bring ozone pollution down enough to meet the EPA healthy air requirements.

The commission will solicit feedback from the public between now and December, when they’re expected to issue their approval of a plan before it’s submitted to the EPA.

CoPIRG Foundation is calling on the public to show their support for strengthening the SIP and attending the public hearing on December 13. Sign up here to speak.

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