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Data of 3 million school employees compromised in data breach

The SchoolDude data breach reminds us that companies collecting data should do more to protect it.

Keeping student data safe needs to be a priority for everyone.

Last week, SchoolDude – a work order management system used by schools and universities – alerted 3 million users that their information may have been exposed in a hack. 

Brightly, the software company that owns and operates SchoolDude, reports that hackers collected customers’ names, email addresses, account passwords, and phone numbers. SchoolDude users are primarily school employees, including teachers and maintenance workers. The notice reported that Brightly discovered the breach on April 28, over a week after the incident.

Brightly advised customers to reset their SchoolDude passwords, as well as any other accounts that use the same credentials.

Data breaches can have serious ramifications for people, as they often lead to fraud and identity theft. If companies collect our data, they should protect our data.

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