Right to Repair passes through both chambers in Minnesota

People in Minnesota are a lot closer to being able to fix phones, appliances and other devices. 

On Thursday, April 27, Right to Repair language was added to larger legislative packages in both the Minnesota House and Senate. These reforms would require manufacturers to provide fair access to parts, tools and information needed to fix modern electronics. 

In the House, SF 2744 was passed by a vote of 70-58 with Right to Repair language included. Hours later, the Senate voted unanimously, 67-0, to add Right to Repair to SF 2219, which then passed 49-18

The bills now head to a conference committee, to iron out differences between the two versions, and then head back for a final, confirming votes. A lot can happen in this process, and, of course, opposition to Right to Repair will continue to try to slow progress. 

If passed, Minnesota’s Right to Repair bill would address many of the loopholes added late to the New York bill, as well as extend Right to Repair protections to home appliances, business computers and other critical device categories not yet covered. 

As we campaign for Right to Repair across the country, we continue to make strides. People just want to fix their stuff. Every day we are closing to making that a reality. 


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