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Regional transit authority in Massachusetts takes next step toward electrification

Four new electric buses are coming to Western Massachusetts.

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Electric bus charging at Springfield Union Station

This past week the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority announced that it will be adding 4 new electric buses to its fleet. The RTA’s fleet will now consist of 16 electric buses out of its 129 total vehicles. The new buses will come in addition to 20 additional chargers that the PVTA is adding to its maintenance center. These investments into electrification were made possible by the nearly $70 thousand that the PVTA received in federal and state funding as a result of the Low and No Emission and Bus Facilities Grant Programs. While these investments are a great step forwards, it does not represent the end of the regional transit authority’s electrification efforts. 

The PVTA has expressed its desire to continue electrifying, with regional administrator Sandra Sheehan declaring on Tuesday that they would like their entire fleet to be electrified. A full conversion would significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses and air pollution that their fleet produces which would have a variety of positive public health and climate effects. To learn more about the benefits of public transportation electrification visit Electric Buses in America

Tell the Governor: make all state-owned vehicles electric

Electric vehicles

Tell the Governor: make all state-owned vehicles electric

State government fleets operate thousands of vehicles, and agencies can use their purchasing power to invest in more electric vehicles. Ask your Governor to lead by example by directing state agencies to purchase electric vehicles.


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