Right To Repair

PIRG’s O’Reilly addresses National Farmers Union convention

Kevin O'Reilly speaks at a podium in front of a National Farmers Union backdrop.
Staff | TPIN

PIRG’s partnership with National Farmers Union (NFU) has been key to our push to guarantee farmers’ the right to repair their equipment. Right to Repair Campaign Director Kevin O’Reilly spoke to farmers from across country during the opening session of NFU’s annual convention on Friday, Feb. 6.

Repair restrictions run directly in the face of what it means to be an American. When you own something, you should be able to do what you want with it. When something breaks, you should fix it. There’s no way a manufacturer should be able to prevent *me* from fixing *my* broken thing, or tell me that I can’t hire someone to fix it for me because they don’t have the right logo on their polo, the right logo on their hat.

— Kevin O’Reilly

Deputy Assistant Attorney General Michael Kades, who flaunted the Department of Justice’s recent action in favor of Right to Repair, and House Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi also addressed the convention during the session.

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