PIRG supports Congressman Edwards’ TOTS Act

Kids' health

Congressman Edwards (R, NC-11) has introduced the Transparency Over Toys Spying (TOTS) Act. This bill would require companies selling high-tech smart toys that contain a WiFi connection and the ability to gather data on children to be clearly labeled as such on the box. 

Parents deserve to know when a toy may be collecting data on their children, and sending it to the manufacturer or other companies. Right now, it’s easy for busy parents to miss important details about what information a toy may be collecting, and increasing labeling is one tool that can help make sure consumers are making informed decisions when it comes to the safety of their kids. 

Data collection by smart toys can put children at risk – like increasing the odds their personal data will be exposed in a breach or hack, or that it will fall into the wrong hands and potentially put a child’s safety in jeopardy.

Katie Craig

Former State Director, NCPIRG


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