Governor announces incentives for electric lawn equipment, cars and e-bikes

A new tax credit package will make it easier for more Coloradans to transition to electric bikes, cars and lawn and garden equipment.

Clean air

Update: on May 11, 2024, Gov. Polis signed a bill into law that will create a 30% discount on electric lawn mowers, leaf blowers, trimmers and snow blowers. Find out how to take advantage of the new 30% discount. The same day, he signed a new law that will increase and extend the state electric vehicle (EV) tax credit, increase the state tax credit for electric medium and heavy-duty trucks, set up a new statewide discount on e-bikes and expand tax credits for home heat pumps. 

CPR News reported that Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has come out with a proposal for $120 million of new tax credits to help the state achieve its climate and clean air goals by expanding incentives for purchasing electric vehicles, e-bikes and electric lawnmowers and leaf blowers. The latter category is notable, as a CoPIRG report showed that gas-powered lawn and garden equipment contribute an outsized amount to our state’s harmful ozone pollution problem. Fully transitioning away from gas-powered equipment could achieve nearly one fifth of the reduction needed to meet the Front Range region’s ozone pollution goals.

CoPIRG applauds the governor for including the incentives for electric lawn and garden equipment in this budget proposal and looks forward to working with the legislature to work out the details.


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