Former NYC Transportation Commissioner advocates for Car Free Cities

bike trail
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People ride bikes, walk, and jog along the Hudson riverside park in New York.

Last week, former New York City transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan spoke in support of rethinking the way that we approach transportation in the United States. Sadik-Khan’s vision of a transportation future centered around “people first districts” in which priority is placed on forms of active mobility and public transportation rather than on private automobiles. Reducing the reliance that the average American currently has on their car as a form of transportation could have significant economic, environmental and public health benefits

Discussion of our country’s transportation future has been heating up following on the tails of Massachusetts and California banning the sale of new fossil fuel powered vehicles after 2035. To learn more about how we can work to reorganize our transportation system visit Commuting in 2050: How Americans Can Avoid Spending their Mornings Stuck in Gridlock Traffic.

Ryan Giunta

Former Transform Transportation, Associate, PIRG


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