Right To Repair

Dealership consolidation is raising repair costs for farmers

Dealership consolidation is making it harder and more expensive for farmers to fix their tractors.

Farm equipment dealerships are going out of business while mom-and-pop shops are bought up by large dealership groups, Reuters reports. PIRG research found that 82% of John Deere dealership locations are part of large chains with seven or more sites, meaning that there is one John Deere dealership chain for every 12,018 farms and every 5.3 million acres of American farmland.

One independent mechanic told Reuters that dealerships are billing farmers $12,000 for a repair he says should cost $2,000. Right to Repair would allow farmers to have the choice to fix their own tractors or hire independent mechanics to do repair work.

PIRG Right to Repair Campaign Director speaks at a podium in front of a National Farmers Union backdrop.
Kevin O'Reilly

Former Director, Campaign for the Right to Repair, PIRG

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