Climate Candy offers a sweet solution to food waste

This climate forward candy brand is hoping to tackle issues of food waste in the sweetest way possible.

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Pumpkin surrounded by pieces of candy corn.

With Halloween right around the corner, we’ve all got candy on our minds. But this year, Amy Keller, a member of the Spangler Candy family, is rethinking sweet treats and has created FAVES Climate Candy

This plant-based candy is an attempt at tackling food waste and children’s nutrition all in one chewy bite. Climate Candy is made up of various produce purees and contains 96% fruits and vegetables, making it a more nutritious alternative to other candies. It also offers a solution to food waste because it is made using imperfect produce that would have otherwise gone to waste on farms and in grocery stores. Using the imperfect produce to make Climate Candy diverts it from the landfill, thereby fighting the damages caused by food waste. 

Keller hopes that Climate Candy will find its way into some trick-or-treating bags this year. It could also become an alternative to candy throughout the rest of the year, such as at Easter.

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Orion Goodemote

Food Waste Intern, PIRG Education Fund

Danielle Melgar

Former Food & Agriculture, Advocate, U.S. PIRG Education Fund


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