FTC ChatGPT investigation marks step towards regulating AI

The Federal Trade Commission has opened a ChatGPT investigation to learn the details of how OpenAI is managing AI risks.

Companies like OpenAI need to be regulated in order to protect consumers.

The Federal Trade Commission has launched an investigation into OpenAI, the tech giant behind ChatGPT. In this first major regulatory probe against the company, the ChatGPT investigation seeks to understand how OpenAI’s latest technologies have harmed consumers through misinformation or reputation disparagement. The agency also wants to know what OpenAI is doing to address and mitigate risks associated with its technology. 

Sam Altman, OpenAI CEO who testified before Congress earlier this year, reports that OpenAI will comply in the investigation.

OpenAI is already no stranger to inquiries by policymakers and stakeholders. For example, the tech company is currently facing a lawsuit due to its alleged misuse of consumer data to train its systems.

Regulation has historically lagged far behind new technologies in the marketplace, which leaves consumers vulnerable to new and accelerated harms. Artificial intelligence systems and the companies that make them are largely unregulated. This move by the FTC marks the agency’s intention to stay on the cutting edge of tech regulation – which is exactly where we need it.


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