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CALPIRG shares tips on reducing waste around the holidays

In our "Zero Waste for the Holidays" webinar, we discussed a number of sustainable practices that you can apply year-round.

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With lots of shopping, gift-giving and big family meals, the holidays often force us to create inordinate amounts of waste. But what if there was a better way?

On Dec. 22, CALPIRG Campaign Associate Nina Dang led a webinar for members and coalition partners entitled “Zero Waste for the Holidays.” Speakers included the owner of a local zero waste store and refillery (an outlet, usually selling bulk household and personal care products, which offers the option to reuse and refill your own containers), an electronics refurbisher from HomeBoy Industries (the largest gang rehabilitation and re-entry program in the world), and PIRG Food & Agriculture Advocate Danielle Melgar.

“It’s inspiring to hear people talk so passionately about reducing waste around a season that many of us feel has taken on an identity of excess,” said Nina. “And the best part is these strategies for reducing plastic waste, electronic waste and food waste over the holidays are applicable all year round.”

Nina Dang
Nina Dang

Former Campaign Associate, CALPIRG

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