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California just became the first state to eliminate gas subsidies for new homes

The California Public Utilities Commission voted Thursday to end gas line subsidies for new homes, a move expected to save Californians $160 million annually.

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The California Public Utilities Commission voted Thursday to end gas line subsidies for new homes. The unanimous decision, which goes into effect in 2023, is expected to save Californians $160 million annually and is a key step in transitioning homes to clean, renewable energy.

We know that to avoid the worst impacts of global warming, we have to stop burning fossil fuels. We’re already seeing the devastating effects global warming has on our environment, health and livelihoods. So why would we continue to allow tax dollars to be used to incentivize fossil-fuel production and, in turn, greenhouse gas emissions?

We shouldn’t be paying to fuel the climate crisis.

That’s why we’re glad to see California leaders vote to end a program that spends millions every year subsidizing fossil gas lines for new homes and buildings. Removing these subsidies will allow renewable sources of energy to compete, and stop wasting our tax dollars on energy that pollutes our air, and threatens our future.

We should instead be investing in clean energy infrastructure and moving to electrify our homes and buildings. Moving from gas to clean electrification will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve indoor and outdoor air quality. Electrifying stoves in particular can protect kid’s health, as children growing up in homes with gas cooking have a 42% higher chance of experiencing current asthma symptoms and a 24% higher chance over their lifetime of being diagnosed with asthma.

Learn more about how to ditch gas and electrify your home at our upcoming webinar on September 28th.

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